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"I never wanted to get married, was never interested in it. Recently I’ve found that more women just love being single and don’t have any interest in that either. I think it is important for women to hear from other women that it is an option. It is an option to not be monogamous with one person for the rest of your life. There are huge industries built around being married and coupling off. It’s the same with women who don’t want kids. There’s not really a voice out there. For me, as someone who didn’t want to get married, I almost felt as though I was missing some chip or gene or something that makes women see a bride and then want to be a bride."

– Jane Pratt, editor of, founder of Sassy, quoted in Playboy

I started writing about sex because I didn’t really think that it would be that big a deal, and once I realized that it was actually a topic most people did not view with much honesty or maturity, I felt all the more compelled to continue writing as an act of defiance, not fully understanding at the time what I was getting myself into. I anticipated criticism, but I didn’t anticipate sheer hatred or the profound impact it would have on those around me. At the naive age of 19, it never occurred to me to censor myself, because I didn’t think that there’d be people — especially at Harvard — who would treat me so callously that I’d eventually self-censor. I also believed that if I stopped writing openly, then I would be letting the haters “win.”
Lena Chen, “I was the Harvard harlot,” Salon
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Despite the fact that Candace did for the zipless Manhattan fuck what Woody Allen did for psychotherapy — made it okay, funny, part of the package — she is fairly square when you get right down to it. “I love the idea of casual sex because it seems kind of like modern, and you’re being cool, and you’ve got it all figured out, but I think that the reality is you have to be really secure and … ultimately it’s really not that fulfilling, is it? Actually, I’ve always felt that way.”
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