"Balance is bullshit. The most interesting people in the world are the least balanced and I have no interest in striving for yet another thing that is impossible to attain. That said, I am able to have a career and a family because I have a super supportive husband and mother/father. Also Fresh Direct."
- Stella Bugbee of The Cut on work/life balance

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"At a time when only the one-percenters have a trust fund to fall back on, the rest of us have a lot to gain by joining forces with a partner. Especially if your professional aspirations include making a film, or launching a start-up, or writing a novel, or taking any number of creative risks, you’re going to need financial support to fall back on. In other words, for a certain subset of the creative class, dependence is a privilege."
- What’s Independence Worth? - NYmag.com/The Cut (via minimumragers)

(Source: annfriedman, via minimumragers)

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Thought Catalog: Things You Should Know Before You Date A Writer

Jamie Anne Royce muses on the writing life:

I know, it may seem cool to earn money from writing, but it’s not. It’s just what we do. I do not lead a glamorous life. Writing is mentally taxing labor — albeit conducted while in sweatpants on my couch and surrounded by cats — but labor just the same. And we almost never see the sun. Seriously. Take us on a midday stroll or something. We probably need a break from staring at those two paragraphs we were working on all morning.

Read the rest at Thought Catalog.

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"Feminism has long argued that men’s earning power shouldn’t buy them more power in domestic relationships—just because you’re earning doesn’t mean you don’t have to pitch in around the house. For the first time, lots of women now have to decide, when they get home from a long day at the office, am I entitled to sit down and relax for a while or do I need to make sure we’re sharing the load 50-50?"
- Liza Mundy, author of The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love, and Family (via Publishers Weekly)

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Salon: All the shengnu ladies

Salon’s Roseann Lake writes about Chinese women’s marriage problem in “All the shengnu ladies”:

[Chinese women] represent the world’s largest female population, the highest percentage of self-made female billionaires, and with 63 percent of GMAT takers in China being female, they’re attaining MBAs with a ferocity that’s making the boys blush. And yet, no matter how ambitious or accomplished, they remain bound. Not by their feet, but by something that can be just as inhibiting — marriage.

Read the rest at Salon.

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"The recent rise in single motherhood has set off few alarms, unlike in past eras. When Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then a top Labor Department official and later a United States senator from New York, reported in 1965 that a quarter of black children were born outside marriage — and warned of a “tangle of pathology”— he set off a bitter debate. By the mid-1990s, such figures looked quaint: a third of Americans were born outside marriage…Now the figure is 41 percent — and 53 percent for children born to women under 30."

Jason DeParle and Sabrina Tavernise, “For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage” (via The New York Times)

Let’s all relax about single parenthood. Based on what I’ve heard from my interview subjects, we’ve got it on lock.

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