"When it comes to transportation, dense urban areas like Manhattan already have an advantage over suburbs: By packing people, jobs and services close together, they reduce the need for many car trips and provide the density to support bus and transit services. Green-city planners do even more, designing streets so that walking is safe, convenient and interesting—with wide sidewalks, landscaping and abundant crosswalks—and providing separate designated bicycle lanes."

How to Build a Greener City,” Wall Street Journal


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Facebook really “gets” me—if this were Opposite Day

Wow, you guys. Facebook really “gets” me. Their sales team is sitting there like, “You know who totally has a job? This Grace chick. Let’s tell her about this awesome bank! Yeah! Because no one ever hears about corporate behemoths these days. And dresses! Bitches be shopping, am I right?”

Supposin’—just supposin’—social networks made suggestions for the greater good. Perhaps it could be PSAs about saving energy this summer. Or reminders to eschew fast food and opt for fresh fruits and veggies. Come on, capitalists; you know that sponsorships can be a goldmine. So why can’t an energy company feature their ENERGY STAR promos? Why can’t a health insurance provider contribute tips on organic eating?

I know, I know. I’m a California-bred hippie. But think about it, top 1% of the nation. On the behalf of young, conscientious people everywhere, give me a sign that you “get” not only what’s important to me but what’s important for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Get these bags before they’re featured in BUST

(photo via Gavin Wassung)

My article on Nomi Network's Buy Her Bag Not Her Body campaign will be in the June/July issue of BUST—on newsstands next week. Proceeds from Nomi’s purses go toward educating their craftswomen, Cambodian women who are survivors of sex trafficking. Intense, right?

Well, then, stop thinking about it and buy a damn bag.

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