In The New Yorker, Emily Nussbaum discusses Whitney Cummings and the trappings of women in comedy.

Cummings has attracted lots of vitriol online, in part because she fits into another subset of female comedians: she’s this year’s sexy-girl hate magnet. Olivia Munn filled that role last year, and Chelsea Handler before her, and Silverman before her. These performers diverge widely—I adore Silverman and can take or leave Munn; Handler bugs me—but they share some traits. They’ve got dirty mouths and model-skinny looks. They get accused of sleeping their way to the top. With varying degrees of satirical intent, they play the slut card instead of the quirky card. It’s a tactic that can backfire (and repel women), but there’s an argument to be made for being threatening rather than “adorkable.”

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